The First Time


(Three days before Keun Suk’s Military Enlistment’s send off)

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Home At Last

“Why do you keep turning your head around, Shin Hye yang?”

Minho Oppa grinned as he saw me looking from left to right.

“Is the Nature Boy picking you up?”

He winked, teasing the hell out of me.

“Aniya! Ey, Oppa… where did you get that idea?”

“Shinhye-ah, in a short period of time that we were together, I think I know you better now. Whatever comes out of your mouth, your eyes and body language say otherwise.”

“Eh? Oppa, your rambling again. Haha.”

I knew what Minho Oppa meant. I just am too shy to admit it to him.

“Tch! Shinhye, if you haven’t noticed yet, when we left L.A you look dead tired. Hajiman, the moment we stepped in Incheon, you were just gleaming, eyes shining. Oh, not to mention that bright smile you have on your face everytime your phone buzzes. Ah, that punk. I do envy the Pretty Guy. Haha.”


Minho Oppa looked at me and smiled.

“Aigoo, Shinhye-ah. Your withdrawal syndromes are over, huh?”

I just smiled back and Minho Oppa gave me a nudge and whispered, “Gokjong hajima. Your secret is safe with me, Cha Eun Sang.”

Kamsahamnida, Kim Tan.

As we were nearing the arrival gate, my phone pinged again.

Go home first, Princess. I know you had a long flight. Freshen up before you come here. Rest for a bit. Don’t worry about me. I am just helping Jangmonim cook our meal tonight. I know you can’t wait to see me, right. *wink*

Tch! This guy, jinjja…

I commented with my heart thumping like crazy.

Suddenly, Minho Oppa appeared from my back again. “Is it the Pretty Man again? Ey, I can hear your heart beating fast from here.”

I laughed and gave him an elbow lightly on his stomach.

Ouch! He joked.

As we approached near the arrival gate, Minho Oppa whispered something to me again.

Ya~ Cha Eun Sang, tell the Pretty Guy chingguya of mine I am accepting his invitation for a drink. Just tell him to text me when and where, okay? Greet him Happy Birthday for me too. Oh, and you are even prettier when you blush.

“Huh? Your friends already? Since when? How?”

“As if you don’t know how the Pretty Boy moves. We have been friends since you signed for Inheritors, Park Shin Hye.”

He winked and said, “Annyeong, Shinhye. I’ll see you soon.”

Minho Oppa waved goodbye, going back to his normal self.

“Annyeong, Oppa. Jalga!” I waved back.

I discovered myself making bigger strides to my car, with a smile on my face. I may have pink cheeks all over but I didn’t care. I just can’t wait to see the Beautiful Man waiting for me at my mom’s resto.

Author’s note: This chapter is inspired by Park Shin Hye. Her different aura and smile just told me that she is happy to be home at last… in time for a belated happy birthday celebration of the Beautiful Guy… 😉

A Feather on My Cap (The 47th Baeksang Awards – Part 1)

Author’s note: I watched the 47th Baeksang Awards via live streaming yesterday and Shin Hye just took my breath away. I noticed some instances during her awarding and Sukkie’s sad mood yesterday when he left for Thailand, which gave birth to this chapter. Special thanks to my good friend, Demi, for the title! Love you sis! Enjoy folks. 🙂

“You look gorgeous dear…” my mom told me as she was fixing my hair.
I was just staring at myself blankly in the mirror while my mom helped in the finishing touches of my make up, as they were being done by my favorite make up artist from Jenny’s house.  I was holding my iPhone on my left hand and I think my mom noticed that I’ve been looking at it for hours now too…
“Shin Hye-ah, are you okay?”
De?” I was startled by my mother’s voice. “Kweanchana Omma…Mianhe-yo…” I apologized for ignoring her. “Did you just say something?”
My mother smiled. “I said you look gorgeous.”
“Ah, kamsahmnida Omma.
“I can see that your body is with us but your mind is somewhere else…is it perhaps in Incheon?” my mother teased.
Omma!” I was surprised at my mom’s revelation that I blushed.
“What is it Shin Hye?” My mom was waiting for me to open up to her. “Has Keun Suk not contacted you yet?” She leaned over and hugged me, then whispered in my ear. “I know how you feel..I can see it in your eyes…I saw it in Keun Suk’s too when he left last night after bringing you home.” My mom ran his hand through my back, which always felt good at times like this.
“I just feel a little frustrated and upset Omma… you know how it is…and times like this is what sucks…” I finally told her controlling my tears. But it was hard controlling them when I recalled the talk I had with Keun Suk Oppa last night…
“Baby, I wanna go.. I want to see you there accepting your award… even if it means not sitting with you or escorting you on stage… I still want to be there. But…” Keun Suk Oppa said as he handed me the cup of Cafe Americano he bought for the two of us. We were at the roof top of the new Tree J Office building, the one he recently bought. “…I know I can’t.”
I held the cup with both of my hands, feeling the warmth of it. “Nae, Keun Suk-ah, you know how it is… and besides you have to leave for Thailand tomorrow too.” Saying that left a tinge of pain in my heart.
“Why does the Baeksang Awards have to be held on the day I leave? Huh?” Keun Suk turned to me with the sad look in his eyes. He put down his coffee beside him and held my face in both his hands. “Look at you… so pretty sitting across from me, staring at me with those marvelous bright eyes,” he said while caressing my left cheek.
I leaned towards the hand that caressed my cheek then closed my eyes, fighting the tears that want to fall down.
Oppa…don’t be like this…you are making it hard for the both of us…”
Mianhe my princess.” Keun Suk apologized, then pulled me closer to him and hugged me tightly.
I hugged him back, resting my head to where it likes the most…the crook of his neck. I kissed his collar bone to tell him that I feel the same way as him.
He ran his fingers through my hair and kissed it then said “When I saw you in that plum Grecian gown we purchased last week, I just held my breath as you stood in front of me because you were just perfect in it… and it was perfect on you… it’s as if it was custom made for you…” He closed his eyes, imagining the day he took me to get the dress I’ll wear tomorrow night. “And right there and then I knew I am gonna miss half of my life, Shin Hye.” He pulled me back a little and looked at me straight in the eye. “I have always wanted to take you to an awards night…I have always dreamed that I’d be your escort one day…when you go up on stage to accept that much deserved trophy, I want to be the loudest in the audience clapping my hands for you, if not standing with pride.” Then he pulled me close again, kissed me in the forehead before he embraced me and sighed. “But that will still continue to be a dream Shin Hye… until the day we come out in the open… which is not in the near future…you know that. And this is what’s hurting me most right now.”
I held him tight, my tears uncontrollable now. “Oppa… you know very well how much I want you to be with me tomorrow night… and yes, we both know it’s far from happening.”  I looked at him with loving eyes, ran my hands through his face as another tear fell from my eye. “I have learned to accept these things now, Keun Suk… and though I did, it still hurts me… especially seeing you hurting like this. Seeing you like this gives me pain worse than the pain I feel everytime I deny you and saying I’m not and can’t be involved with you.” I gave her a quick kiss to make him feel better. “So, let’s just look at the bright side, okay. I’ll have Yong Hwa beside me tomorrow to  take care of me, remember.” I pinched his cheek lightly and then gave him a quick kiss again.
We were sitting at the wooden floor of the rooftop, and he moved me closer to him, pulling me in at the middle of both of his long  legs. He placed his chin above my right shoulder and wrapped his arms around me.
“Yeah, good thing Yong Hwa will be there. At least I feel secured.” He kissed my neck then moved on to my shoulder and said. “Are you happy this way, babe?”
I took his hand and pulled it closer to my lips. “Yes Suk-di. I am happy… so long as I am with you and I know you are mine, I am happy.” I knew he understood what I meant.
I felt his lips pressed on my cheek again. “Chukahae, My Hye-Bi. This award of yours is long overdue. But don’t cry when you accept your award tomorrow, okay. Because if you do, I’ll be sadder. Oh, why is it so hard to leave you this time?”
I shifted my position, stood up for a second and then sat down on his lap. “Because you love me so much and you want to be with me, that’s why it’s hard leaving me…” I tapped the tip of his nose then offered him my lips.
“Ya, when did you become so arrogant, Park Shin Hye?” He teased. “But yeah, you’re right…I love you too much… it’s just getting harder to leave you now…” And with that, he willfully accepted the lips I offered him.
His kiss was so gentle, that I felt all that he was feeling at that very moment. He brushed his lips onto mine, stopping and starting like it was his first time kissing. He took my lower lip like he used to do and I took his upper lip in return.
Our heads moved from left to right as we exchange kisses in this beautiful night, with the stars as our witness. I heard him breathe and with it, moved my body closer to his. He grabbed me by the waist and made his kiss deeper. I felt he slowly slid something inside my mouth and I knew what it was…his tongue. We had to catch our breaths for a moment and when we did I said “I love you Keun Suk.”
“I love you too, Shin Hye… nomu saranghae…” He stared at my lips which made me blush a bit.
Oppa… stop staring at me…”
“You truly are beautiful, babe.”
After saying those words, Keun Suk captured my lips again. But this time, it was me who led the kissing. I started with a brush on his lips and then shifted to something deeper. Maybe because of the love we have for each other and how it has overflown tonight that we both got carried away. Our lips entwined together, he slowly brushed his tongue on my lips. I can feel his heartbeat while he did this, and yes, it still felt like the first time we kissed. I knew what I had to do, so, nervous as I was too, slowly opened my mouth to let his kisses in. Our tongues had a short-lived fight inside our mouths, as I slid my hands through his hair. We knew we had to break this before we lose it, and the gentleman that he is, Keun Suk gently turned the deep kiss into a softer one, and then slowly lifted his mouth to break our kiss.
He rested his forehead onto mine and said, “Mianhe babe, I have to break it or I’ll be uncontrollable in the next second.”
I smirked and told him “I second that… how can you become so irresistible huh?”
He smiled at me with loving eyes, then we just hugged each other and became silent for a minute.
He once again kissed my temple. “I have one favor to ask of you…”
Mwo? What is it Oppa?
“Wear our rings tomorrow night, babe. Will you do that for me?”
“All of the three Oppa? Nae, of course, my darling…” This will be my way of saying how I love you and that I’m yours and you’re mine.
Keun Suk gave me a big smile. “I’ll miss you, Shin Hye. God knows I’m leaving with a heavy heart tomorrow.” He hugged me close tightly again.
“I’ll miss you too Oppa… bogosipda…” I replied, tightening my embrace.
I think my speech will give it away, Keun Suk… I know myself…You’ll know I miss you when I give my speech on that stage.
I said to myself, though even I myself don’t know how… I just knew that something will tell him I miss him and that I’m grateful to and for him tomorrow night.
He took my hand and led me to stand up. “Come, I’ll take you home now so you can have your beauty rest.” Keun Suk winked.
Smiling, I took his hand with both of mine and then he gently lifted me up. “Take care tomorrow Suk-di…you have a safe flight.”
“Uhm…” he nodded while we walk towards the door holding hands. “If I can’t make it to your place before the Baeksang or before I leave, I’ll just text or call you, okay.”
I rested my head on his arms. “Nae, ahrasso, Oppa.”
“Shin Hye-ah, Ya! Shin Hye-ah…” my mother shook me a bit to get me off from daydreaming. “Your phone just buzzed.”
“Oh! Sorry Omma.” I slid my hand to the left of my phone’s screen to unlock it and I knew it was the message I’ve been waiting for all afternoon.
Hey my pretty Shin Hye. I can just imagine how beautiful you are tonight that I’m starting to regret again. I just arrived at Incheon. Will board the plane soon. Congratulations again, babe. I am so proud of you. I’ll talk to you once I land in Thailand, okay. Missing you already, my princess. Saranghae.
I smiled as I read the last word of Keun Suk’s text message, at the same time felt the butterfly in my stomach again, which actually happens everytime he say those words.
Gomawo Suk-di. Take care my prince J.   I’ll be leaving for the venue in a few minutes too. Miss you too Suk-di. I’ll talk to you later then. Nado Saranghae.
I took a last glance at myself in the mirror, thought of what Keun Suk would think and say when he’s here, and, satisfied as I was, I smiled. I thanked the people who helped me become beautiful tonight, bid goodbye to my mother, and walked towards the car waiting to bring me to the much awaited event tonight.
As I walked outside, I looked at the three rings I have on my right ring finger and played with it.
(to be continued)

A Twist of Fate

Author’s note: I had to edit this entry and this is the second version.

Saeng il chuck ha hae, Shin Hye-ah! Shin Hye saw Hong Ki’s instant message pop up on her screen.

Kamsahmnida, Hong Ki-ah. She replied. You’re a day early.

I know. 🙂 Where are you?

I’m at home. Wae?

Good. I’ll pick you up say…in 15 minutes. Let’s go somewhere on your birthday. My treat.

Cincha? Wow! Who could say no to such a wonderful offer?

Great! I’ll see you in a few minutes then. Annyeong!

Shin Hye appreciated her friend’s effort. Earlier that day, the other person who first greeted her in advance is her Balmae Jung through a text message.

Advance Happy Birthday to you, princess.

Thank you very much, Oppa. You busy today?

Ne. I’m taping for WGM. I wish I would have time later so I can drop by and see you since it’s been a long time, Shin Hye-ah. I’ll message you if I do.

She knows how busy Jung Yong Hwa is and it was nice of him to remember.

Shin Hye was thankful that her Minamishineyo friends remembered her special day. But her day is not complete yet. She is still waiting for one more greeting from someone…Jang Keun Suk. And she thought he was one of the early ones who would greet her.

Has he forgotten? Nah! She thought. Maybe he’ll surprise me tonight or even be the very first one to greet me tomorrow.

What Shin Hye doesn’t know is the surprise she’s gonna get later that day.


“Hong Ki-ah, what happened?” Keun Suk called Hong Ki to check if he has spoken with Shin Hye.

“Don’t be too worried Hyung. I’m on my way to pick her up now.” Hong Ki replied.

Keun Suk let out a loud sigh. “Great! Have you called Yong Hwa?”

“I’m about to when you called. Where are you by the way?” Hong Ki asked.

“I’m still at school. I’ve some things to finish for an event we’ll be having here. But don’t worry, I’ll be there right on time.” Keun Suk assured Hong Ki. I have to.

Uh-oh. Why do I smell disaster all of a sudden?Hyung, we only have a few minutes left. You better hurry.”

“I will. I promise. Call Yong Hwa. That punk has a tendency not to show up at our gigs for some reason.” Keun Suk tried to perk up the conversation.

Ne. Annyeong.”

After dropping Keun Suk’s call, Hong Ki dialed CN Blue’s leader’s number. “Ya! Where are you?” He asked as soon as Yong Hwa picked up.

“We’re wrapping up here. I should be there on time.” Yong Hwa confirmed. “Have you called Shin Hye?”

Ne. I’m on my way to get her. But Keun Suk Hyung is still at school. He says they’re trying to finish some things for an event.” Hong Ki told him like a kid complaining.

Mwo? He’s gonna be late!” Yong Hwa sounded worried.

“I know.” Hong Ki replied. “I’m almost at Shin Hye’s, I’ll see you there dude.”

“Gotcha! I’ll text you when I get there. Annyeong.

Keun Suk Hyung, you better be there on time… Hong Ki prayed so hard that Shin Hye won’t be crying again tonight.


“I’m going now, Omma. Don’t wait for me, okay.” Shin Hye shouted as soon as she heard Hong Ki’s car horn three times, signaling he’s arrived.

“Hello there blondie.” Shin Hye jumped into the passenger’s seat.

“You look nice, Shin Hye-ah.” Hong Ki gave his friend a complement seeing how beautiful she is tonight. Keun Suk-ah, you better come or you’ll miss half of your life. He shook his head forcefully trying to stir away his bad thoughts.

Wae? Something wrong Hong Ki? Hey, bogoshipo.” Shin Hye said in her cutest voice.

“Ah, don’t mind me,” he told Shin Hye, while telling himself how ridiculous his thoughts were. Of course Hyung won’t miss this night. “I miss you too Park Shin Hye. It’s been a month.” Hong Ki pinched her cheeks.

Shin Hye snickered. “I know. So, where are you taking me tonight?”

Hong Ki gave her a teasing smile. “You’ll find out when we get there.”

“This sounds exciting. Kaja!” Shin Hye had a hint of what’s going on but brushed it aside to retain her excitement.


We’re here.

Yong Hwa read Hong Ki’s message that just came in. Roger that. I’m already inside but Keun Suk Hyung is not here yet though. I’ve already texted him but got no reply yet.

We’re dead was the last reply Yong Hwa got from Hong Ki.

Hyung, where are you? Yong Hwa texted Keun Suk again.

Yong Hwa saw his friends coming in. “Surprise!” Yong Hwa jumped in front of Shin Hye. “Happy Birthday Shin Hye-ah!”

Shin Hye was surprised to see Yong Hwa when they got in the bar. “Oppa! So that’s why you haven’t texted me back yet. And I was wondering why there aren’t too many a people here tonight.”

“Keun Suk hyung took care of that.” Hong Ki had to let her know that this was Keun Suk’s idea. “In fact, he was the one who planned this.”

“Yup!” Yong Hwa nodded, looking at Hong Ki.

“Huh? Keun Suk?” Shin Hye passed an eye over the room. “Then, where is he?” If he planned this, he should be here. She thought.

Before the two guys could answer, Hong Ki got a video call from Keun Suk. Right on time, hyung. Hyung!” Hong Ki and Yong Hwa yelled in unison.

“Give your phone to Shin Hye.” Keun Suk demanded.

Oppa?” Shin Hye saw Keun Suk smiling on the other end. “Where are you? These two punks are saying you planned all of this?”

“I did and I’m sorry if I’m not there on time.” Keun Suk apologized quickly. He was starting to see confusion and disappointment in Shin Hye’s eyes. “I’m still at school wrapping up some things but we’re almost done. Oh, and my manager called me and asked for me to drop by the office for a quick emergency meeting. That shouldn’t take long.”

“No worries Oppa.” Shin Hye was glad he called to inform her. “We can wait but we have to start the party without you, okay.” She smiled at him.

At last, she smiled. “Go ahead. I’ll be there in a few minutes anyway.” He smiled back. “I’ll see you in a while, Shin Hye-ah.”

Ne.” Shin Hye replied.

“Oh, and saeng il chuck ha hae! Happy birthday Avant Hye.” Keun Suk greeted her at last.

Shin Hye’s knees weakened upon hearing him call her Avant Hye. And I thought you forgot.Kamsamhnida Oppa. Hurry up okay.”

“I will.” Keun Suk assured her.

Hong Ki grabbed his phone from Shin Hye and walked a few inches away. “Ya! Hyung!” He whispered. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Relax punk!” Keun Suk winked at Hong Ki. “I’ll be quick and be there in no time.”

“You better be or Yong Hwa and I will kill you.” Hong Ki dropped the call and turned to Shin Hye. “Let’s get the party started!”


“Shin Hye-ah. Why aren’t you eating your ice cream?” Yong Hwa noticed her change of mood. “That thing is gonna melt.”

It’s been three hours since Keun Suk last called. Shin Hye was just staring blankly and playing with her ice cream for minutes now. Yong Hwa’s phone beeped. It’s Keun Suk.

Is she upset now? Aish! I can’t leave here yet, I’m getting frustrated.

Yong Hwa handed over his phone to Hong Ki secretly. He bowed his head and mouthed “Aissh!

Shin Hye’s phone beeped too. Avant Hye, mianhe. I tried to get out of this meeting but Keunsama said I can’t yet. I hope you understand.

I understand my foot. Shin Hye was getting upset by the minute. No, she was getting mad. “Hong Ki, take me home now.”

“But Shin Hye-ah, Hyung said…”

“I don’t care what he says. I have to get up early tomorrow for work. I can’t wait any longer.” Shin Hye grabbed her purse and stood up. “If you don’t want to then I’ll just take a cab.”

“I’ll take you home, Shin Hye-ah.” Yong Hwa volunteered. He let her walk a few steps past him so he can whisper to Hong Ki “You take care of Hyung.”

Aissh! Jang Keun Suk, pabo-ya! Look what you did!” And you even said that you’ll tell her everything tonight. He screamed in his head while he dialed Keun Suk’s number.


“I’m dead…I’m totally dead.” Those words were the only ones Keun Suk can say after Hong Ki told him that Shin Hye left the bar fuming mad. He buried his head on the steering wheel.

“You better be ready hyung. I have a feeling she won’t talk to you ever.” Hong Ki warned him earlier.

I brought Shin Hye home and she was silent all throughout the trip. She’s really upset Hyung. You better find a way to make up to her big time. Yong Hwa texted him a while back.

“Aaargh!” He shouted really loud. Keun Suk thought of something to do. He has been trying to call Shin Hye but she is not answering his calls.

Ottokajo? Ottokajo? He tapped on the steering wheel endlessly. It’s not too late. I still have time. He drove off heading to where Shin Hye is at that very moment…home.


“Are you sure you’ll be fine, Shin Hye-ah.” Yong Hwa looked concerned when he reached out for his hand after opening the passenger’s door.

“I’ll be fine Oppa.” She lied. “You take care on your way home. And komawo.”

Yong Hwa gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Happy Birthday, Princess.” And she saw him drove off the street. I wish it was still happy, Oppa.

She hurriedly went into her room. I hate you Jang Keun Suk, I hate you! She jabbed at the face displayed on her entire desktop screen. Shin Hye lied on her bed face down and buried herself  in her pillows. She was crying so hard, she didn’t realize that she was already drowning in her own tears. You shouldn’t have promised, you jerk!

She heard her phone ring and when she recognized the tone, she knew who was calling. In your dreams, Keun Suk! Call as much as you want but I won’t answer it. She heard her phone rang 10 times but she controlled herself. She decided to teach Keun Suk a lesson. Not this time, Jang Keun Suk. I won’t give in this time.

A text message came in. Shin Hye-ah. Please forgive me. Mianhe. I didn’t mean not to show up. I just couldn’t get out that meeting earlier. And you know it was snowing heavily too. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.

You better be, you punk! Shin Hye heard her phone ring again. She still ignored it. Another message came in.

Please answer my call. I’m in front of your house.

No, Shin Hye, don’t go out. Have some pride this time. She told herself. The familiar tone of her phone sounded again. This time, she answered it, curious with what he was going to say. “You shouldn’t have promised Jang Keun Suk.” She said in a formal tone.

She is really mad. “I know Shin Hye-ah. I’m sorry. I really am. Please forgive me.” Keun Suk begged.

“If you didn’t promise and told me you might not be able to come. I wouldn’t have waited. You shouldn’t have prepared that surprise party in the first place if you knew you will be busy.” Hell yeah, I was really surprised. Shin Hye couldn’t help but let the tears fall. She made sure Keun Suk won’t tell. “And you can wait outside as long as you like but I won’t come out. I’m so sleepy, stressed out, and dead tired. Besides, I still have work tomorrow.” Shin Hye said firmly, still with a formal tone.

Ahrasso. I understand Shin Hye.”

Pabo-ya! If you convinced me a little more, I would have given in. “Good. Good night then.”

Keun Suk leaned back at his seat after Shin Hye disconnected the call. She has never been this mad at me. Hell, this is the first time she’s been mad. He drove off, disappointed he failed to make up with Shin Hye tonight. You gotta wait in the morning Keun Suk. You gotta wait until she slept off her frustrations.

He thought of a plan. And this time, he promised himself that everything would fall into place.


Shin Hye was awakened by a knock on her door. “What?” She glanced at her clock, placed a pillow over her ears and said “It’s 5:30 in the morning. Can’t you give me a break…just 30 minutes more?” She stood up to open her door, walking like a zombie. Shin Hye scratched her eyes and yawned. “Omma? What’s up?”

“Happy Birthday Shin Hye.”

Couldn’t you wait until 6AM to greet me mother? “Kamsamhnida Omma.”

She was about to turn her back when her Omma said, “You have a visitor.”

Shin Hye’s eyes opened wide. “Eh? At this hour? Who would…?

“It’s Keun Suk.” Her mother interrupted. “He wouldn’t come in though. He said he’s gonna wait for you outside.” Her omma secretly grinned when she saw Shin Hye’s eyes twinkle upon hearing Keun Suk’s name. “That boy is really something huh. Go fix yourself and entertain your guest,” her Omma turned away, still smiling.

Shin Hye felt a tinge of excitement hearing Keun Suk was outside waiting for her. She reached for her phone and typed in I’ll be out in a few minutes.

Perhaps, it really is gonna be a happy birthday after all. And with a song in her head, she went to the bathroom to freshen up and change.


His familiar stance leaning at the passenger’s door of his car greeted Shin Hye when she went out. He caught him having a stick of cigarette.

“Don’t you know that smoking is very dangerous to your health?” She called out. “What can I do for you this morning Mr. Jang?”

He flipped the cigarette away the minute he saw Shin Hye. He was immediately smitten by her beauty. She was just the simple Shin Hye today, no frills, no make up, just wearing her trench coat over a white shirt and a pair of old jeans. And he knew right there and then that this is the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with. “Happy Birthday, Avant Hye. I told you I was going to make up for my sin.” Keun Suk said wearing his most endearing smile.

Now, you got me with you smile, Keun Suk.Kamsamhnida, Rennai-Jang.”

He opened the car and reached out for something. He handed an apple to Shin Hye. “I don’t have anything for you this morning except this.” Then he showed her his famous pout. “I’m broke after paying for that celebration last night.”

Shin Hye reached out for the apple and smiled. “Apology accepted.”

Keun Suk laced his hands onto hers. “Come.” He led her inside the car.

“Where are we going? We better make it fast because I’ve to go to a photo shoot in two hours.” Shin Hye was actually curious on what Keun Suk has in store for her.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a 5 minute ride to where we’re going…my house.” He buckled her seatbelt for her. “I bothered my Omma this early to make breakfast for you.” Keun Suk started the engine.

Shin Hye bowed her head in embarrassment then gently gave him a pat on his arms. “You shouldn’t have done that!”

He pinched her cheek. “Don’t be too nervous. She willingly obliged. She must really like you. If I told her that that was for me, I would have been shouted at knowing how early I requested for it.” He teased Shin Hye.

“We better hurry so I could thank her.” Shin Hye said sincerely.

Keun Suk maneuvered the steering wheel with one hand while the other reached for her hand resting in her lap.


“Thank you so much for the wonderful breakfast you made, Eumoni,” Shin Hye bowed at Keun Suk’s mom in appreciation.

“You’re welcome Shin Hye.” She held both Shin Hye’s hand. “And please, call me Omma.”

Omma!” Keun Suk stared at her mother.

Mwo, Keun Suk? She’s gonna be my daughter-in-law in time anyway.” Keun Suk’s mother teased the couple in front of her and she loved it.

Shin Hye felt red all over, bowed her head to hide it, and held Keun Suk’s arms.

“Mother! You’re embarrassing Shin Hye!” He said but the thought of it made him smile. “We’ll go ahead. Shin Hye has to work.”

“Oh dear, not on your birthday.” Omma Jang reached for Shin Hye and kissed her. “Happy Birthday again, darling.”

Komapseumida, Omma.”

“Pardon my mother,” Keun Suk said as they headed outside his house.

“That’s okay, Rennai-Jang.” She replied holding his hands.

She called me Rennai-Jang. She’s not angry anymore. “I hope you’re not mad at me anymore, Shin Hye-ah.” He wanted to make sure. “I saw your message on your mini hompy last night before you took it down and I knew you were not okay.”

“Uh-uh,” Shin Hye shook her head. “You repented for your sin well enough, Keun Suk-ah.” She gave him the Go Mi Nam smile. “I’m alright now, jeongmal. ” She touched his elbows then clung to him.”I’m sorry too for acting a bit childish. You can’t blame me. I hope you understood where I was coming from.”

Keun Suk brushed her hair with his fingers. “Ahrasso. That was even clearer than the Han River.” He sat on the car hood and pulled her closer. “I want to tell you something Shin Hye-ah. You see, there’s this girl that I met a few months back…”

Shin Hye’s knees trembled. NO! Shin Hye’s heart shouted. “Cincha, Oppa?” She pretended not to be affected. I knew it. I knew that there was someone else he likes.

“She makes my heart flutter everytime I think of her, and my day won’t be complete without seeing her. ..” Keun Suk went on, loving how he makes her tremble because of the fear that’s brewing in her now.

Shin Hye felt like she is slowly dying because of what she’s hearing right now. She knows she can’t break down in front of him. “She’s that special to you then…”

Ne. To make the story short, I like her…very much.” Keun Suk was looking at Shin Hye when he said the last two words  and sensed the sadness in her eyes. She so naive. Keun Suk thought. She still doesn’t know it’s her I’m talking about. That is one of the reasons why he has fallen for her… the innocence in her eyes, her maturity beyond her age.

Shin Hye pretended to straighten her shirt to hide the pain written all over her eyes. Keun Suk lifted her chin up. Her eyes are misty now and it met his. “Shin Hye-ah, you know who that girl is? She is looking straight at me right now and I’m holding her hand. In fact, she’s trembling. Shin Hye, that girl is…YOU.” He kissed her on the forehead, then slowly went down to kiss her eyes, then her nose. Their eyes met again, and this time, Shin Hye did not hide her tears anymore. Keun Suk knows those tears were  falling because of him. And yes, this time, he knows it was not because he caused her pain.”Johwah-heh, Shin Hye-ah.” Keun Suk whispered before he gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.

Shin Hye was still teary eyed after their lips parted. She stared blankly at him and threw her fists at his chest. “You…you…you’re one hell of a mean jerk! You always scare the nerve out of me.” She punched him endlessly and then buried herself on his chest. Keun Suk thought she never looked more beautiful than now. He let her pommel him with his cute punching and then gave her a tight hug when she laid her head on his chest.

Shin Hye wrapped her arms around him, and she has never felt more secured. I’m home at last. Shin Hye convinced herself. “Keun Suk-ah, this is the happiest birthday I’ve ever had. Thank you.” She said as she tightened her embrace. Keun Suk pushed her aside gently, turned her around, and cuddled her from the back. He laid his head on her shoulder and said under his breath, “My Avant Hye, please worry no more because these  arms will always find you.  And they will make sure they will never let you go… Happy Birthday, my princess.”

Shin Hye reached out to touch his face. “Komawo, Rennai Jang.” She turned to the morning star that’s smiling brightly at them and realized how fate played with her since she met Keun Suk. It let her experience the twists and turns life has to offer. And it was all worth it. She said in her head while feeling Keun Suk’s breath over her nape. The sun has risen. And for Shin Hye, it has never looked so bright other than today.

Boy Talk

“Ya, Hyung!” Hong Ki waved at Keun Suk as he entered the bar he asked him to go tonight. “What’s up? You sounded like it’s so urgent, I missed my time for sleep.”

Keun Suk handed him a bottle of soju and said, “Here, come sit down and I’ll tell you all about it.”

Hong Ki saw a few empty soju bottles already on the table and knew his hyung had been here longer than he thought. And he thinks he might know the reason why, he had to confirm. “Come on, talk. Shoot! I’m all ears on you now.” He sipped a few drops of soju and focused on his friend.

Keun Suk finished another bottle. “Have you been to Shin Hye’s mini hompy tonight?” He stared at the bottle in his hands.

Ne, and I read…so that was for you!” Hong Ki’s eyes widened. He was right,  it’s about Shin Hye. Hong Ki slapped Keun Suk lightly on the back. “Hyung, what on earth did you do now? She sounded so sad…and hurt.”

“That’s the problem, Hong Ki-ah. I don’t know what I did or said.” Keun Suk looked at him really puzzled. “We spent a few hours of Valentine’s Day last night and then she suddenly posted that on her page. We were actually having fun but then after a few minutes she told me she was sick…”

“Look Hyung, you must’ve done something to make her feel that way.” Hong Ki reached out for his bottle of soju and said, “The mighty green bottles accompanying us tonight will help us figure it out. Hmmm…let’s see. Try to remember Hyung, what were you doing?”

Keun Suk drank another bottle of soju and tried to get hold of another one.

“Ya! Hyung!” Hong Ki grabbed the bottle he was reaching for. “I know you have this huge tolerance for alcohol but I don’t wanna carry you all the way home tonight.” He set the bottle aside. “Concentrate. Think. Were you talking about something that you think would make her upset?”

“I dunno. I was thanking her for the chocolates and then I told her that I always spent Valentine’s day with girls…” Keun Suk rambled.

“Aha! Bingo!” Hong Ki pointed a finger at him. “Go on, hyung, we are on the right track…”

Keun Suk thought about his conversation with Shin Hye the night before. “Well, as I’ve said I told her I always spend Valentine’s Day with a girl, whether it may be a girlfriend or just a friend…”

“And?” Hong Ki was listening eagerly. “Did you tell her which of those she was?”

Keun Suk knew where his friend was getting at. “I said I was thankful because I was spending it this year with a special friend…” His speech slowed down when he said the last two words and got his answer to his own question. He slammed the soju bottle on the table and buried his head in his hands.

Hong Ki knew his friend realized what he did wrong. “You told her that she was just a special friend? Pabo-ya! And I thought you were slick when it comes to girls, hyung!” Hong Ki laid his head on the table. Then he turned to Keun Suk. “Let me ask you this Jang Keun Suk. Do you like Park Shin Hye?”

In a snap of a finger Keun Suk answered “Yes.”

“Do you consider her as just a special friend?” Hong Ki followed up.

Ne. She really is special to me.” Keun Suk was serious.

“Only a special friend? Cincha?” Hong Ki wanted Keun Suk to say the magic words and he would do anything to make him admit it. “Answer me…”

Keun Suk stopped for a moment. He knew Hong Ki was driving into something. “Cincha! I know she’s special. She makes me laugh; she even drives me crazy sometimes. I miss her when she is not around…”

“And you always think about her…there is not one single moment you do not dream of her. And you want to call her everyday…you want to hear her voice because that would complete yours. Aniya, Shin Hye completes you…” Hong Ki rambled on borrowing a line from one of his favorite movies. “Hyung, you love her, don’t you?”

Keun Suk was drinking soju and coughed when he heard what Hong Ki said. “You punk! What are you saying?” But he knew Hong Ki was right.

“Ah, don’t deny it Hyung. It’s so obvious that you love Shin Hye-ah.” Hong Ki moved closer to Keun Suk and pointed at his eyes. “It’s there written all over your eyes. Oh, not to mention how your voice perks up when you talk about her.”

“Am I that transparent now?” She really does do something in me I can’t explain. Keun Suk thought. “Alright, alright. You win, I love her. I love her so much, I can’t bear to see her hurting like this.” He finally gave in.

Gotcha! “Woohoo! At last!” Hong Ki reached for his phone in his pocket and dialed Jung Yong Hwa’s number. When he answered, he placed the phone on speakers so Keun Suk could hear. “Yong Hwa! Guess what? Jang Keun Suk just admitted that he loves Park Shin Hye!”

“Keep quiet you fool! Somebody might hear you.” Keun Suk scanned the room.

“Hyung, don’t worry, it’s just you and me here. Who would be here at this ungodly hour?” Hong Ki assured him.

“You’re not kidding, are you Hong Ki?” Yong Hwa asked on the other line.

“I told you he just did.” Hong Ki said sarcastically. “If only you weren’t too busy to come with me tonight, you’ll hear it for yourself.”

“You know my schedule’s jam-packed, you punk.” Yong Hwa answered him back. “Hyung,” he turned to speak to Keun Suk. “So you are madly in love huh? I knew it, I sensed it when you started paying attention to her during our filming. I should’ve placed a bet with Hong Ki. I would have had tons of Won right now.” He laughed. Hong Ki gave a quick smirk.

Keun Suk chuckled. “Stop playing games with me, you two and help me out here.”

Wae? What’s wrong?” Yong Hwa asked.

Hyung just told Shin Hye that she is just a special friend. What an idiot!” Hong Ki said joking looking at Keun Suk. “Now, I think she’s upset about it. Try looking at her Cyworld mini hompy, Yong Hwa.”

There was a few moments of silence from Yong Hwa’s end. “Woah. She must be really affected now. After all that teasing and private dating, she is just a friend? Jang Keun Suk, you cold-hearted snake.” He teased. “You must make up for it, Hyung.”

Keun Suk moved his head closer to the phone. “And what do you idols suggest?”

“Well,” Yong Hwa started to speak. “Her birthday’s a couple of days away and…”

“Nice one, punk!” Hong Ki butted in. “Is this what WGM did to you? Hyung,” turning his attention to Keun Suk. “We can throw her a surprise party and tell her it’s all your idea.”

“Uh-uh.” Yong Hwa agreed, ignoring Hong Ki’s observation. “And then we can give you some time alone so you can tell her everything. Sounds like a plan.”

“It’s a plan alright,” Hong Ki affirmed. “And you, Jung Yong Hwa better be there or else…”

“I won’t miss it for the world.” Yong Hwa had excitement in his voice. He was somehow hoping his two friends would end up together. “But I gotta check if I have filming for WGM that day.”

Keun Suk face lit up realizing the idea his friends cracked up for him. “You idols are really something huh. And Ya! Yong Hwa, why not come over now so we can talk about it. It’s hard just hearing your voice you know.”

Hyung’s right. You better get your ass off here.” Hong Ki agreed.

“You know I can’t. I’m just in the middle of a break. I gotta hang up soon.” Yong Hwa felt sad he can’t join the “boys night out” his fellow A.N. Jell’s are having.

“Before you do, we have to finalize everything, you punk.” Keun Suk warned him. “I think she mentioned that she has work on her birthday so we have to do it tonight. We will have the celebration here, at our secret bar. You better be there at 8 or you’ll see stars early that night.” He lifted his knuckles and smiled at Hong Ki.

“Can you make it at 8? What time’s WGM filming gonna end?” Hong Ki asked Yong Hwa.

“Oh yeah, this guy’s been busy wooing a girl too…” Keun Suk exchanged hi-five with Hong Ki.

“As soon as I’m done, I’ll run over there, I promise.” Yong Hwa assured them.

“So, it’s done then.” Keun Suk suddenly remembered one thing. “Wait. Who’s gonna tell Shin Hye?”

Hong Ki raised his hand. “I’ll pick her up. She won’t get suspicious if it’s me.”

“Oh good idea, Hong Ki-ah.” Keun Suk knows Shin Hye won’t say no to Hong Ki. “It’s a date then!”

Kwaenchana! I have to go now. I’ll see you guys!” Yong Hwa replied.

Ya! You text me whatever happens, you…” Hong Ki knows how busy his friend is. “I’m gonna kill you if you don’t show up.” He was excited as this would mean reunion for them.

“I will, I will.” Yong Hwa confirmed. “They’re calling me now. I gotta go. Annyeong!

This should work…it has to work. Keun Suk thought, crossing his fingers under the table.