The First Time


(Three days before Keun Suk’s Military Enlistment’s send off)

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A Special Day

“I just can’t believe that my little sister is 25.” One of her best friends said. “Saengil Chukahae Shin Hye-ya.” Hongki shouted as they entered her mom’s restaurant.

“Hmmm.. that smells nice. Aish.. begopah…” His bandmate and a close friend of hers uttered as the room was filled with the smell of barbeque. “Happy Birthday Shin Hye.” Jong Hoon greeted her as he entered.

“OMO! Am I seeing all you chocoballs entering the restaurant?” Shin Hye seems surprised but has an idea of what’s going on.
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The Other Side of His Heart

She looked so beautiful today. Definitely gorgeous and elegant as she has always been.

After a busy weekend, here I am watching her with the Inheritor, formerly known as the F4 Flower Boy leader and the City Hunter. Oh and whom I declared my most wanted friend-to-be.

He’s dashing and handsome today, the Inheritor.

Damn right he is!

And the look she gave her before they held hands…


Mwo?!? They held hands?!?!

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Home At Last

“Why do you keep turning your head around, Shin Hye yang?”

Minho Oppa grinned as he saw me looking from left to right.

“Is the Nature Boy picking you up?”

He winked, teasing the hell out of me.

“Aniya! Ey, Oppa… where did you get that idea?”

“Shinhye-ah, in a short period of time that we were together, I think I know you better now. Whatever comes out of your mouth, your eyes and body language say otherwise.”

“Eh? Oppa, your rambling again. Haha.”

I knew what Minho Oppa meant. I just am too shy to admit it to him.

“Tch! Shinhye, if you haven’t noticed yet, when we left L.A you look dead tired. Hajiman, the moment we stepped in Incheon, you were just gleaming, eyes shining. Oh, not to mention that bright smile you have on your face everytime your phone buzzes. Ah, that punk. I do envy the Pretty Guy. Haha.”


Minho Oppa looked at me and smiled.

“Aigoo, Shinhye-ah. Your withdrawal syndromes are over, huh?”

I just smiled back and Minho Oppa gave me a nudge and whispered, “Gokjong hajima. Your secret is safe with me, Cha Eun Sang.”

Kamsahamnida, Kim Tan.

As we were nearing the arrival gate, my phone pinged again.

Go home first, Princess. I know you had a long flight. Freshen up before you come here. Rest for a bit. Don’t worry about me. I am just helping Jangmonim cook our meal tonight. I know you can’t wait to see me, right. *wink*

Tch! This guy, jinjja…

I commented with my heart thumping like crazy.

Suddenly, Minho Oppa appeared from my back again. “Is it the Pretty Man again? Ey, I can hear your heart beating fast from here.”

I laughed and gave him an elbow lightly on his stomach.

Ouch! He joked.

As we approached near the arrival gate, Minho Oppa whispered something to me again.

Ya~ Cha Eun Sang, tell the Pretty Guy chingguya of mine I am accepting his invitation for a drink. Just tell him to text me when and where, okay? Greet him Happy Birthday for me too. Oh, and you are even prettier when you blush.

“Huh? Your friends already? Since when? How?”

“As if you don’t know how the Pretty Boy moves. We have been friends since you signed for Inheritors, Park Shin Hye.”

He winked and said, “Annyeong, Shinhye. I’ll see you soon.”

Minho Oppa waved goodbye, going back to his normal self.

“Annyeong, Oppa. Jalga!” I waved back.

I discovered myself making bigger strides to my car, with a smile on my face. I may have pink cheeks all over but I didn’t care. I just can’t wait to see the Beautiful Man waiting for me at my mom’s resto.

Author’s note: This chapter is inspired by Park Shin Hye. Her different aura and smile just told me that she is happy to be home at last… in time for a belated happy birthday celebration of the Beautiful Guy… 😉